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Extend your event’s audience, reach, and engagement with live streaming.
We’re the go-to live stream company for producing high-quality, professional live streaming videos that stimulate an online social buzz about your event.

Live Stream and Webcasting Company in Jamaica.

We don’t just flip on our phones and start live streaming. We use state-of-the-art broadcast equipment tailored to your specific needs and goals to create the highest quality live stream video production possible. Our objective is to pair advanced tech with experienced marketing to find the best solution for your live stream. We’re your strategic partner during the event to ensure your live stream effectively communicates your message, so it will resonate with your audience and leave a lasting impact. Our live stream process is customized, creative, and results-driven.

A live streamed video is sent over the internet in real time, as the filmed events happen, rather than being pre-recorded.

A live stream delivers the video one small bit at a time – usually a few seconds each. The live stream works through a one-to-many connection – that is, it is sent from one source to multiple individual viewers. Your live streaming company will film the live stream using a setup of professional cameras, switching between angles for an engaging experience.

We broadcast Video!

All Event Types!

Live Events

Weddings, Concerts, political events, summits, trade shows, fashion shows, contests, influencer events… If you or your brand is a part of an exciting event, chances are your audience wants to be a part of it too. Live streaming your event offers a front row seat (and even behind the scenes too for an exclusive peek).

Employee Training

Live stream your trainings so employees in multiple departments and locations can learn and interact in real-time. Record the stream to reuse for future trainings as well.

Internal Meetings

Whether it’s a board meeting, sales coaching, or AGM, everyone can have access to the same info, at the same time, with live stream meetings. High-end live stream video production can especially enhance long-distance relationships with investors and shareholders. We can integrate with Zoom, Skype and more.


You can transform any event, like Q+A sessions or panels, into live-stream webinars. These can be a great way to share knowledge and enhance brand recognition—and sell additional tickets to your event.

Live Streaming Benefits

No matter what your special event: graduations, conferences, meetings, press conferences, training sessions, galas and more, you can expand your audience around the town or around the globe by live streaming the event live over the Internet. You now have the unique advantage of using one experienced production company for not only live streaming, but also high quality lighting, sound, staging and other production details of an event that all contribute to the quality of the live stream. Viewers can watch the event from virtually anywhere: on PCs, Macs, iPhone, Androids and other mobile devices. Complete live streaming packages include all equipment, professional recording, video editing, online distribution, customized web page and on-demand viewing.

  • Unlimited potential viewers
  • Recorded live streams for future use
  • Real-time interaction and engagement
  • Professional-grade video production quality
  • State of the art broadcasting equipment
  • Instantaneous video + social media analytics

Its ideal for personal events. It’s ideal for company events. It creates transparency and trust. It encourages engagement. It’s shareable.

With many years of live event and conference streaming experience, we combine live event filming expertise with AV audio and visual expertise to give you live multi camera event streaming. Experts in filming conferences, seminars, training events as well as shows and concerts. If you would like your live event to be streamed, we can provide an all in one service with one point of contact.

What’s the best platform for live streaming?

The best platform is the one where your audience is! If most of your audience is on Facebook, then hop on Facebook Live. If you’ve got an engaged LinkedIn following, rev up your video on LinkedIn. Xclusive Live Streaming is one of the only live stream production companies that can stream to all relevant social media platforms at the same time during your event—and we make it look easy!

How much equipment do I need to live stream?

It depends on the goals of the live stream and the event itself. You want to be as comprehensive as possible with multiple layouts, shots, and scenes, so your viewers can get an expansive experience. This usually means you’ll want at least two cameras capturing live footage at different angles. Live streaming is about putting your audience right in the action, so you want to be as thorough as possible.

What’s the most important thing to understand to have a successful stream?

We’re all about preparation. Your live stream is going up in front of thousands (if not millions), and there’s no such thing as too much preparation. So there are two key ways to prep. First, internet connectivity. We require a prep day before any live stream to test connectivity to ensure everything is ready to fly on event day. Second, you need an awesome live stream company who not only has the equipment, but who knows how to transform your event into a story in real time. You’re going live, but all your preparation should make it feel like a prerecorded video.

Hi-Def Value Live Streaming

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