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About Troupe and Company Productions

Troupe and Company Production is an event’s execution and service agency that was founded in 2010. It cater to events and functions mostly in the western region of Jamaica. It deal with the rental of event equipment, consulting, coordinating and full management of events. These event ranges from back yard barbeques, stage shows and concerts parties, weddings, exhibition and booth display, to corporate events and product launches.

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Troupe and Company Productions has revolutionized the Production scene for concerts, parties, weddings and corporate functions in western Jamaica. Our well trained and competent team members at all times enforces reliability and quality of our products and services.


Realizing the need for a breath of fresh air in what Production Companies on the western end of the island has to offer, Dwight and Gemma Troupe were prompted to seize the opportunity and molded what has become a household name in Western Jamaica.